Deep Water Yachts commissioned Willem Nieland – the multiple nominee and designer of three winning Boats of the Year – to come up with a new concept in blue water motor boating: a 14 meter twin engine round bilge yacht capable of long range cruising under almost all conditions.

Nieland combined his distinct style and innovative ideas to achieve a longer range at a higher speed than the traditional displacement trawler and cutter designs were capable of. He took his inspiration for the sleek and fuel efficient hull from the many sailing boat designs he had worked on, giving the round bilged Korvet a comfortable and easy ride in choppy seas.

The vessel had to be rugged, seaworthy and self supporting to brace the harsh northern European conditions, while at the same time provide the shallow draught needed for exploring inland waterways, tidal inlets or even dry out on a mudflat. Built in aluminium under the CE-A category, this Dutch design yacht has all the qualities of a pocket sized exploration vessel.

The Korvet 14 is a lean and mean machine designed for no-nonsense offshore cruising all year round. She enjoys the sweet lines of an early 20th century gentlemen’s yacht married with the purposeful looks of a small naval vessel, the Corvette. This new Compact Long Range (CLR) design has no equals or lookalikes; she makes for a novel standard in yacht design and blue water cruising.